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As an eco-conscious company, we strive to educate our clients about wildlife habits and preventive measures, empowering them to coexist harmoniously with nature. Our commitment extends beyond wildlife removal, as we work closely with local organizations to support conservation efforts and foster a community that appreciates and values the region’s natural wonders.

If you find yourself facing a wildlife challenge in Ann Arbor, Michigan, look no further than Ann Arbor Wildlife Removal. With our trusted and professional services, rest assured that your wildlife encounters will be handled with care, compassion, and a commitment to preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystem.


Bat Exclusions

When it comes to bat removal in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you can count on our expert team at Ann Arbor Wildlife Removal. Bats are vital to the ecosystem, but when they take up residence in your home or property, it can become a nuisance and pose health risks. Our skilled professionals are trained in safe and humane bat exclusion techniques, ensuring that these fascinating creatures are relocated to suitable habitats while preventing their return. With a focus on protecting both bats and our community, we offer efficient and effective solutions to address bat infestations promptly. Trust us for reliable bat removal services in Ann Arbor.


Satisfied Costumers

At Ann Arbor Wildlife Removal, satisfied customers are at the heart of everything we do. We take immense pride in our commitment to providing top-notch wildlife control services that exceed expectations. Our success lies in the smiles of our clients when they see their homes free from wildlife intrusions and their properties safeguarded with eco-friendly measures. We prioritize open communication, attentive listening, and tailored solutions to address each customer’s unique needs. From the moment you contact us until the job is completed, we strive to leave a lasting impression of professionalism, reliability, and exceptional service. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and experience peace of mind knowing that Ann Arbor Wildlife Removal is dedicated to your satisfaction.

Little Canada, Minnesota.  Gervais Mi8ll Park. Deer mouse, Peromyscus maniculatus in a bird nesting box. A family of deer mice took over a nesting box in late fall to keep warm.

Wildlife Removal Guaranteed

Our Ann Arbor Wildlife Removal team prides itself on its prompt response times, providing 24/7 emergency services for those times when wildlife encounters can’t wait. Our team is well-versed in assessing the unique needs of each situation, tailoring effective solutions that fit your specific requirements. Whether it’s preventing raccoons from accessing your attic or sealing off entry points for mischievous squirrels, we tackle each job with dedication and expertise.

25 Years Experience

Welcome to Ann Arbor Wildlife Removal, your trusted partner in humane and efficient wildlife control services. Nestled in the heart of Michigan’s scenic landscapes, our company is dedicated to protecting both wildlife and human communities. With years of experience, our team of skilled professionals is equipped to handle a diverse range of wildlife challenges, from raccoon removal and squirrel eviction to bat exclusions and bird deterrents.

Humane Wildlife Removal Company

We understand the delicate balance between preserving the environment and ensuring the safety of residents. That’s why our methods prioritize ethical practices, employing non-lethal techniques to relocate animals to their natural habitats whenever possible. Our specialists are not only licensed but also passionate about wildlife conservation, taking every precaution to avoid harm to animals while safeguarding your property.

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