Wildlife Control Services

Nuisance Wildlife Control Services- Ann Arbor, MI

Attic Restoration

Bat guano clean up and raccoon feces removal. Remove insulation and decontaminate your attic.


We can solve all of your commercial pest control needs. Birds, bats, and mice problems.

Squirrel Control

Whether is squirrel trapping, control, or prevention we provide many types of squirrel removal services.

Bat Removal

Bat removal and control is our specialty. Discover the live bat exclusion to solve your bat problem.

Mice Control

Our poison free mice control solutions can solve your mice problem. Mice trapping and prevention

Wildlife Inspection

If you hear scratching in the attic or noises in the wall you may need a home inspection to solve your attic pest

Bird Control

Bird control, removal, and prevention services. Let us solve your bird problem today.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon trapping, removal and control is a service we provide in the greater Ann Arbor, MI area.

Fixing roof

We use only the most humane and innovated techniques to remove unwanted pest from your home

We are not your everyday animal trappers. We use many different ways and solutions to solve nuisance wildlife. Trapping can be effective, but often times it takes more than just trapping and relocating animals to solve a pest problem. keeping them out for good is the best method to the wildlife control industry.

More Wildlife Control Services, Ann Arbor, MI

Animal Trapping:

Do you have problems with animals such as raccoon's squirrels, mice, rats, or other nuisance animals? Sometimes trapping may be your last solutions to solving your wild animal pest problem. We can trap your nuisance animal today.

Wildlife Prevention:

Do your neighbors have problems with bats, birds, mice, or other critters in their home? We can prevent your home from having the same issues. Our bat, bird, and mice proofing solutions can prevent your from ever having a wildlife pest problem.

Chimney and Vent Caps:

Do you have raccoon's, birds, or squirrels in the chimney. Sometimes a simple chimney cap can solve your nuisance wildlife problem. Birds often take up residence in your bathroom or dryer vent. A simple solution to solve your bird problem is vent cover.

flying squirrel

Our Wildlife Control Process

Inspection: Solving your nuisance wildlife problem starts with understanding the problem animal or bird and the task at hand. You need to know if it's mice, bats, squirrels, birds, or raccoon's in the attic.

Exclusion: Wildlife prevention and removal is the next step in the process. Installing one way doors, setting traps, and sealing potential entry points is a great step in solving your nuisance wildlife problem.

Clean-up: You may need your attic cleaned and restored once the bats, birds, mice, squirrels, or raccoon's have been excluded. Insulation removal and attic decontamination is an important step in solving your problem.

Do you hear scratching in the attic or hearing noises in the wall? You may have bats in the attic, birds in the vents, mice in the walls, or squirrels nesting in the attic. The first step in getting rid of your nuisance wildlife is contacting us for a free online price quote. Most people do not understand the process of getting rid of critters from their home and cost to solve their bird, bat, mice, raccoon, or squirrel problem.