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bats in the vent

Bats in the Attic

The number one place we find bats that enter your home are in the attic. Bats in Michigan are cavity dwellers. Your attic is the perfect spot for bats to roost.

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Bat in the House

It's typical for homeowners to find a bat or bats in the house. During maternity seasons such as August and September, many homeowners experience a bat in the house.

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Getting Rid of Bats

If you have experienced a bat in the house or bats in the attic, you most certainly have a colony of bats living in your home. Hire a bat removal company.

Bat Removal Services

Bat removal locally here in Ann Arbor, MI is our specialty and takes up 90% of our service calls. Getting rid of bats, or bat removal from attic involves complex techniques, skills, and knowledge. Knowing how to get rid of bats from attics or bat extermination from buildings is done by knowing habitats and structures. Bats tend to roost in high sheltered areas like eaves, vents, and shingles. Bat removal can be done by hand for one transient bat. For example a bat may roost on a curtain or blind in your home and we can remove it by hand. Bat removal should never be done by trapping, poisoning, exterminating or by using repellents. There is only one correct way to get rid of bats and this is done through a live bat exclusion process. Below are the steps we use to solve a bat problem.

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Bat Inspection

Onsite Home inspection: Often the most important step in the bat removal and control process. Identifying entry points, potential entry points and damages is where it all begins. During out home inspection we inspect the roof, perimeter of the home, chimney, and the attic to determine where the colony of are roosting or entering into the attic. During our bat inspection we can determine if you need any additional work other than getting rid of bats. Mice, birds, bat guano clean up, etc.

bats can't get back in

Live Bat Exclusion

Live bat removal through a "live bat exclusion" : To get of bats from an attic or building we use a one way door system. Bats can get out, but not back in. There are many ways for a one way door system but they must be installed precisely or they wont work. We recommend staying away from netting because bats will sometimes catch their wings in this netting and tangle up and prevent the exclusion. We recommend using an open airway system versus using a flapper or a hinge door device. Once these animals are out, we want to make sure they can't get back in. We seal all areas with a galvanized hardware cloth and a 35 or 50 year caulk. We have a full five year warranty on all repairs, no bats.

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Bat Removal Follow Up

In approximately 30 days after the bat removal process we come back to your home to make sure all of your bats are gone and the repairs are in good condition. At this time we remove all one way door devices off of your home. Generally bats will leave your home with in less than a week, but it is important to make sure all of the bats are gone so we leave your one way doors up for an exaggerated period so there are no bats left behind.

Bat Guano Clean-up and More Information

Bat guano removal and attic restoration. This is a step that doesn't always need to be done, but to insure there is no airborne bacteria or fungi left behind sometimes we need to clean up the bat droppings. This can be as simple as a spot cleaning, because the roosting piles may be very small. In order to make sure all of the droppings through out the insulation are removed you require a full service attic restoration and insulation removal. Often this is covered through your home owner insurance.

Michigan Bats tend to roost in mysterious areas and our expertise can help you solve your bat problem. Here are some areas bats need to be removed from.

  • Eave trough
  • Gable Vents
  • Under Shingles
  • In Soffits
  • Under Ridge vents
  • Hanging Above Doors

For bat removal and bat control we service all of Ann Arbor, MI and surrounding areas. Click the button below for a free online quote.